Our Farm

Split Creek Farm ~ Smiths Grove, Ky

Our farm is located in the rolling landscape of south central Kentucky on the outskirts of Bowling Green. We raise Charolais cross beef cattle for our butcher shop. Our Charolais bull, Chief, reigns supreme as the master of our pasture. Our cattle are naturally raised, pasture grazed, and we do not use hormone implants or subtherapeutic antibiotics. Our cattle live out their lazy days on our pastures. We finish our beef calves on pasture, forage and legumes harvested from our farm, and a free choice grain mix for taste and tenderness.

In true Kentucky fashion, we also raise horses. This is horse country afterall. American Saddlebreds are our breed of choice. These stately beauties are "The Horse America (and Kentucky) Made." Their intelligence never ceases to amaze me. Each horse is an individual with a personality all their own. Saddlebreds are excellent farmhand horses and can scale a fence with ease (even when they shouldn't). For me, their gaits and stature set them apart from other horse breeds. They have a stately rack style with a laid back southern charm canter and a bit of fiery spunk that I can appreciate.

In addition to our livestock, our farm would not be the same without our trusty brother sister doggie duos, Molly and Pete. They complete our farm. Pete is the loving protector. Whether it be newborn calves or day old foals, Pete watches over the babies as if they were his own. Molly takes on the role of the "rodent getter". Nothing moves on the farm that Molly doesn't know about. She's on top of things...even when she shouldn't be.

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