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Alright, let’s just cut to the chase. We are bona fide meat snobs. Yes, snobs. There, I said it. We expect superior quality from each bite and will not settle for just…okay. Our meat must be great. We spend countless hours perfecting our butchery craft. Our meats will take a back seat to no one! Blah is a dirty word in our meat shop. We will have none of that.

Let’s be honest here. Meat is expensive. Period. So why settle for mediocre at the table? Our meats are accessible, affordable, and delicious. We have price points for nearly every budget. Regardless of which price range may suit you best, you can expect that our quality and safety is never sacrificed.

Pastured Kentucky Beef

Dry Aged ~ USDA Choice or USDA Prime Grade

In addition to Charolais cross from our own farm, we source many breeds of beef cattle from area farmer neighbors. Some breeds include Black Angus, Red Angus, Black Baldy, Hereford, Holstein/Angus cross, and Holstein (to name a few). Pssst! Holstein is the most popular. You’ll never look at Holstein the same again! Our locally grown beef are naturally raised on small farms, grazed on pasture, never given hormone implants or subtherapeutic antibiotics. We dry age all local beef on the carcass for a minimum of 14 days.

Grass Finished Kentucky Beef

Not the grass finished beef you're accustomed too!

Grass finished beef done the Kentucky way. This is our most limited of our beef offerings. Currrently, our grass finished beef comes from Dolan Farms. He has a knack for creating some of the finest grass finished beef I've ever had the pleasure of eating. This is not the grass finished beef you're accustomed too. Heavily marbled, bursting with flavor, tender and juicy. USDA Prime grade grass finished beef annomaly. Must see it to believe it.

Pleased to tell you, Steve of Dolan Farm is now offering his beef at the farmers market! You can pick up his beef at the Community Farmers Market in Bowling Green, Ky.

USDA Choice Aged Angus Steaks

Always Marbled. Always Flavorful. Crowd Pleaser.

In addition to our locally grown beef, we also carry a USA grown branded steak line of quality grade USDA Choice (or higher). We dry age these primals in our aging cooler to create a beefy, juicy, luscious steak experience. We custom cut and trim these steaks right here and are able to offer these year ‘round at affordable prices. Our Angus steaks are never injected with flavor enhancements, artificial preservatives, or gasses.

Juicilicous Kentucky Pork

Mouthwatering, lip smacking juicilicousness!

Currently our pigs for our pork come to us exclusively from Tarter Farms in Pig, Ky (Edmonson County). Yes, I did say Pig, Kentucky and yes, it is a real town. :)

We are soooo excited about this pork. After a year of searching for a local pig farmer with that “something special”, we are elated to introduce you to Tarter Farms. Mr. Tarter raises some hybrid, Old Spot, and Duroc breed hogs. Together, we have put the flavor back in pork. Our locally grown pork is bursting with mouthwatering, lip smacking, luscious juicilicousness! Can you tell we love this new pork? We think you will too. Just say NO to boring. Bring some locally raised Kentucky Proud pork home today.

Succulent & Tender Kentucky Lamb

Luscious. Tender. Flavorful.

Oh that beautiful lamb! Locally grown lamb is an exquisite treat, often overlooked for everyday dining. Our lambs come to us from Crocker Farm in Franklin, KY. You may know Dr farmer Dan & Roni as the area Veterinarians, or from their prized horses, or perhaps you've tasted their farm crafted artisan wine. This is one busy farmer dude. Yes, Dan Crocker of Crocker Creek Farm is our designated "Rockstar Farmer". He's a unique fella with many talents. Psst! They also raise some of the best darned lamb we've ever had the pleasure of eating. You can also pick up their lamb at the SKY Farmers Market in Bowling Green, Ky.

Give lamb a try. You won't believe what you've been missing.
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Pastured Poultry

Not your average bird...

Our pastured chicken fryers come to us from Daniel Hodges in Glasgow, Ky. This is our other farmer Dan. He's a true homesteading whipper snapper. You can also find him at the area farmers' markets with his unique vegetable varieties and homemade jams and jellies.

Specialty Sausages

Housemade right here by us.

We make a variety of fresh sausages. Breakfast sausageage is available in several flavor blends. We offer our breakfast sausage in bulk, chubs, natural casing links, and patties.

Other popular specialty sausages include our version of fresh Andouille (cajun, unsmoked), Italian links, and Bratwurst w/Cheddar. All of our fresh sausages varieties are made without MSG and are uncured and uncooked with no added nitrates or nitrites. We will even custom blend a sausage for you. Need no salt? We'll make it special just for you.

Sugar Cured Hickory Smoked Bacon

Warning: Habit forming. This bacon has its own cult-like groupies AND we love them all!

A customer favorite here is our Sugar Cured Hickory Smoked Slab Bacon. Only made from local pork bellies, our bacon is the perfect blend of slightly sweet and salty, with a hint of smoke for a robust & savory experience. We slice it for you the way you like it. Thick or thin? No problem!
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Holiday Meats For Your Feast

Elegant to traditional. All impressive.

Our center of the plate meats will make your table shine. Whether you're planning a feast or an intimate family dinner, we've got a cut of meat for you. Choose from Prime Rib, Rack of Lamb, Christmas Goose, Country Ham, Rack of Pork, even Quail! Learn more »

Gifts of Flavor. Always fit. Never goes out of style.

Sausage & Gourmet Cheese, Steak Boxes, Gift Certificates, and Fruit Baskets

Always a hit! Steak Boxes are USDA Choice Quality Grade | Dry Aged Beef » Choose from Cowboy Steaks, Ribeye, Sirloin, NY Strip, & Filets. Beef Chuck Sampler also available.

Tame the wild with our Wild Game Summer Sausage with gourmet cheese gift box.

Fruit baskets are an excellent choice for employees, co-workers, service workers, aquaintances, family, and friends. All made right here with crisp colorful fresh fruit, We have baskets with gourmet artisan cheeses, mixed nuts, Kentucky Proud specialties including homestyle jam, chocolate covered popcorn, KY Bourbon Balls, praline tarts, mini cakes, & dip mixes. Learn more and order »

Beef Summer Sausage

Housemade. Hickory Smoked. Seasonal.

Our beef summer sausage is available in two sizes and four flavors. Fully cooked. Ready to eat. Savory snacking. Only comes around once a year. We make our beef summer sausage in the late fall & winter only. Once it's gone, it's gone 'til next year.

Full size rolls & chub size rolls available in Regular (our original blend that's been a mainstay for 20 yrs), Hot, Pepperjack, and Tex with Cheddar. Tex was in introduced 3 years ago and has rapidly shot up in popularity. My new favorite. Taste of Texas with a Mexican kick and a tasty Wisconsin Cheddar to carry it through. Makes for some fine savory snacking! Shop Summer Sausage »

Gift Certificates

Not sure what to give? Let them chose with a gift certificate.

Available in $10, $20, and $50. Redeemable online or in-store. Mailed via standard USPS mail free of charge. Arrives in 8-10 business days. Learn More »

Other Kentucky Proud Offerings

Kentucky Proud foods from around the state

In addition to our meaty offerings, we carry a wide selection of Kentucky Proud foods made right here in the bluegrass. We carry our Amish neighbors handcrafted baskets, jams & jellies from Yoders and Spring Valley Farms, and mixes from Weisenberger Mills in MIdway, KY. We have apple butter and sorghum, salsa, barbeque and steak sauce, pancake mix and maple syrup. We have a wide variety ranging from popcorn to maple syrup. There's sure to be a Kentucky made product available for you.

Kentucky Proud Meats ~ Made right here under one roof

You can now shop a limited selection online. Some specials & products are offered exclusively online only so be sure and check them out!